# Smart Contracts

# What smart contracts are being used for Flamingo?

Flamingo uses various smart contracts to administer its activity. Primarily, the smart contracts are used to facilitate:

  • collecting members' initial contributions to Flamingo;
  • voting;
  • delegating voting to third parties;
  • funding investments;
  • distributing proceeds; and
  • rage quitting.

Flamingo currently uses v2 of the MolochDAO's smart contracts, which can be found here (opens new window).

OpenLaw, the initial service provider for Flamingo, has worked with the MolochDAO to develop v2 of the MolochDAO smart contracts. More information about the collaboration can be found here (opens new window).

# Will Flamingo smart contracts be audited?

Flamingo smart contracts have been audited by ConsenSys Diligence (opens new window), MolochDAO (opens new window), and MetaCartel (opens new window).

# Will the smart contract code be publicly available?

Flamingo's smart contract code will be publicly available on Etherscan and GitHub when it is complete.

Last updated: 9/24/2020, 7:56:37 AM