# NFT Purchases

# How do NFT purchases get made?

Once a proposal is submitted for a specific NFT, the proposal will be submitted to the Flamingo Members to decide whether to nominate the NFT for purchase.

If a purchase proposal is nominated, the Flamingo Members will then vote on whether to acquire the NFT or NFTs at issue. If approved via the DApp, either the Service Provider or a Member will purchase the relevant NFT on behalf of the Members of Flamingo. Purchases may be held by Flamingo or allocated fractionally in the form of tokens to each Member based on the number of Flamingo Units each Member holds.

# Where do NFT purchases get made?

Where NFTs are purchased from is up to the membership of Flamingo. NFTs can be purchased at various digital marketplaces (SuperRare (opens new window), OpenSea (opens new window), etc.), and individual owners.

# Can Flamingo make underlying investments in NFT platforms or software?

Flamingo primarily will make direct purchases of NFTs, however should the Flamingo Members want to invest directly into a software company or platform, there is nothing in the operating document that limits these types of strategies.

# What NFTs can be purchased?

For Flamingo, the ambition is to create a fund for NFTs in the Ethereum ecosystem. Flamingo's Members will set forth a purchase plan for the type of NFTs that they wish to finance in Flamingo. Feel free to submit a proposal for anything in that realm.

# Who can view information included in NFT purchase proposals?

NFT purchase proposals are viewable by the Members and potentially by the public. If you're an NFT artist, collector, or other creator and have additional questions regarding privacy concerns, please email us at hello@flamingodao.xyz.

Last updated: 9/24/2020, 8:50:08 PM